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I unexpectedly came to woodworking in the 1970’s. My journey went from playing in a rock band, working for the Government, building and renovating houses to cabinet-making and furniture design/building.


My journey of learning and exploring began with simple cabinet-making. When I volunteered to help build a canoe clubhouse for my local community, the Architects responsible for the build approached me to design and build the kitchen for the lounge area. I accepted the task and immediately ran to my local Lee Valley store, bought a book on how to build a kitchen. Thus began my apprenticeship in cabinet-making! 

Latif Crowder - Woodworker

By 1992, I started feeling unchallenged by this work and began looking for a way to move closer to my original purpose. I decided to change the classic cabinet designs' look and feel into what could be called "furniture for a kitchen."  With the help of my designer friend, John Edwards of Carleton Place, Ontario, we developed the concept of a modern-day "Shaker Kitchen." I decided to show this work at the 1993 Ottawa Kitchen, Bath and Window Show, bringing my skills to center stage in the home design industry. Our design won "Best in Show" that year which launched me into the world of high-end cabinetry for the home. The show drew manufacturers from around the world, Germany, Italy, the United States and the big players from across Canada. 


It took 16 years before I felt I could retire from cabinetmaking and completely devote my time and energy to becoming a designer and maker of fine furniture. With the love and support of my partner, Rachael, I am now endeavoring to follow my life’s passion. 

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