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My design process is intuitive

When I start working with a client on a new design, we must first discuss their esthetic and review examples of what style they connect with the most. Next, I think about or visualize the space in which the furniture will reside and the items in the room it will live in. I then take time to sketch out the concept while giving myself the creative freedom to adjust to the original image if new ideas form. Often a client will approach me with one idea, and I will present them with something totally different that they never thought of but love entirely. My process is based on a connection with the client and an openness to the flow of ideas.

Hand-made Furniture

I handcraft each aspect of my designs. Created with my customer in mind, no two pieces are exactly the same. 


Wood Craft Products

Finding many interesting cut-offs leftover from my furntiture, I started piecing them together to create some unique yet functional designs. 

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